HopeArt Greetings and Gifts features Greeting Cards incorporating artwork created by orphans as well as artists with a heart for orphans. We also feature great gift ideas for all of your family and friends. Shop here for all of your gift needs knowing that a portion of the profits go to help thousands of orphans around the world!
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Meet 5 year old Anna, an orphan rescued from the streets of Khabarovsk in Far East Russia. Ann was found living in a crawl space under an apartment building with her 7 year old brother. They were eating out of the dumpster to survive.
She now has a warm bed, new clothes, nutritious food and HOPE!

Not long after she was rescued, we gave her paper and colors, she sat right down and drew us this picture from her memory of a once happy home before her parents died and she and her brother became orphans...

It is this drawing, a symbol of hope that has become our logo.
Our "Graphic Aritist" designing our new HopeArt Logo
Cahadapongu Rajesh sits cross-legged on the concrete floor of the bedroom that he shares with the other boys who call this place home. He carefully sketches in the windows and doors, the final touches to his interpretation of the very building he is sitting in... Orphan's Lifeline International's Learning Estate Children's Home in South India.
He has learned about the new project, HopeArt, and is very excited that he and the other children can be a part of helping themselves and other orphan children as well and he has volunteered to encourage the other and lead the way...envisioning his and their artwork on greeting cards... A message of hope to everyone who sees them and an expression of their value as a human being.
What chadapongu will achieve in life remains to be seen. Perhaps he will become an artist or perhaps he will become a doctor or even the director of a children's home. Right now he is just a boy... Invaluable to God, yet of no known significance to the rest of the world. But he and the thousands of other orphans that Orphan's Lifeline International provide for each day have untold lives to lead...unknown contributions to give to the world they now have a chance to survive in...and give back to.
The Children Are So Excited...
We Miss You
Get Well Soon
Thank You
Build your own Box! Cards must be purchased in quanities of 20 per box.
HopeArt, Inc. Is the result of the vision of the founders of Orphan's Lifeline International who wanted to create a new way for caring people to be able to help orphan children of the world simply by buying something they use all the time...
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