HopeArt Greetings and Gifts features Greeting Cards incorporating artwork created by orphans as well as artists with a heart for orphans. We also feature great gift ideas for all of your family and friends. Shop here for all of your gift needs knowing that ALL of the profits go to help thousands of orphans around the world!
About us
HopeArt, Inc. Is the vision of the founders of Orphan's Lifeline International. We wanted to come up with a new source of funding for the orphans that educates the receiver of the card about the orphan plight and provides the purchaser with a high quality product that is much more than just a card... It is also a way to help some of the millions of orphans out there in the world, while getting a product they already spend money on... everybody wins!
Each child receives:

Quality Food and supplements


Hygiene products

Shelter in the form of a living family style children's home with an adequate staff of care givers

Medicicne and medical treatment

Inoculations from disease

Education Secular and spiritual
The children that are taken care of by  Orphan's Lifeline International are a huge part of HopeArt, not only because a portion of the profits from the greeting cards go back to them and help other orphans as well, but because they themselves are the ARTISTS!!!
Back In 2000 when Orphan's Lifeline International first started, they worked primarily in Far East Russia. The children there immediately showed their thankfulness by giving Orphan's Lifeline gifts of art. That is when the dream of HopeArt first began and was seen as a way for the children to help themselves and other children...a huge boost to their own sense of self worth and the perception the public in their community holds twoards them as well.
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All Occasion Box
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HopeArt, Inc. Is the result of the vision of the founders of Orphan's Lifeline International who wanted to create a new way for caring people to be able to help orphan children of the world simply by buying something they use all the time...
Phone: (406) 755-2950
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