HopeArt Greetings and Gifts features Greeting Cards incorporating artwork created by orphans as well as artists with a heart for orphans. We also feature great gift ideas for all of your family and friends. Shop here for all of your gift needs knowing that ALL of the profits go to help thousands of orphans around the world!
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All Occasion Box
Qty: Price: $29.95

All Occasion Box
Qty: Price: $29.95

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HopeArt, Inc. Is the result of the vision of the founders of Orphan's Lifeline International who wanted to create a new way for caring people to be able to help orphan children of the world simply by buying something they use all the time...
Phone: (406) 755-2950
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Copyright 2011 by HopeArt, Inc. All rights reserved. All artwork and images represented here are the property of HopeArt, inc. and cannot be reproduced for any reason without written permission from HopeArt, Inc.
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The Hope Art Greeting Card Fundraising Program is an EASY, EFFICIENT & CHARITABLE way to raise funds.  Not only does your group receive $7.00 profit from each card box sold, but proceeds from Hope Art, Inc. are forwarded to the childrenís charity Orphanís Lifeline of Hope International, the VERY charity that provides for the artists on a daily basis!

We said EASY, EFFICIENT & CHARITABLE and we meant it!
Here is how the Hope Art Greeting Card Fundraiser works:

1.  After review of all the information , fill out the form below or contact us to receive the Hope Art Greeting Card Fundraiser Information Form by email.

2.  We will send you everything you need; Fundraising Steps with helpful suggestions from beginning to end, Sales Packets, Record Keeping Forms, Final Order Forms, and PROMPT Order Fulfillment.

3.  Your group sells Hope Art Greeting Cards at $29.95 per box of 20 cards and envelopes.  At the end of your order your  group keeps $7.00 per box sold and sends 1 Check, Cash or Money Order for the remainder of order, with order forms to Hope Art Inc.

4.  In 2-4 weeks you will receive a bulk shipment of your groups entire order, packaged for individual sellers who will deliver to their customers.   And by the way, final order shipping costs are on us!

5.  The end result?  YOUR group makes $7.00 per box sold AND the artists receive continued support for their daily  needs!

In addition, your group will receive a Hope Art Greeting Card Fundraiser Certificate with the total amount raised for  your cause and you will receive direct support from our staff during the course of your fundraising event.


Please contact us if you have any questions or need any additional information.

or call (406)755-2950

Christmas Occasion Box
Qty: Price: $29.95

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to raise funds through the sales of Hope Art Greeting Cards including but not limited to; sales of Hope Art Greeting Cards, distribution of materials to the general public, collecting all money from sales, adhering to Hope Art Greeting Card Sales Prices, and forwarding all payment with one check (minus $7.00 per box sold) cashiers check, money order or cash from the Non Profit Group/Person in Charge made payable to Hope Art, Inc. within 1 week from fundraiser end date.  I also understand that upon the end date of my fundraiser I am obligated to return any unsold inventory to Hope Art.  I also understand that I will be billed for any damaged or missing merchandise provided to me for my fundraiser.
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